THE WITCHING HOUR PARTIES Do you believe in Witches? Are you a Healer? Why not have a psychic party? See Kellie in action around your table connecting with your photos' in the art of Mediumship. Kellie will connect with your guides and give you any information your guides provide her. Kellie is exceptional and extremely accurate in these readings. Careful you might get spooked. Kellie also discusses the spirit world. Kellie also answers any questions you have in regards to dreams, ghosts, and mediumship. We come to you. Be warned your house will never be the same. $55.00 pp Minimum Circle of 6 To hold a party all must be over the age of 16yrs. No children allowed Deposits are a must to confirm your booking. To make a booking contact Mob: 0492 007 584 Or Book online with The Witching Emporium On


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All Parties require a deposit to confirm.  Deposit is non refundable if party cancelled without a new booking.