18 Aug

There are so many questions about the paranormal industry and so many people seeking answers. The very first documented Haunting was the Bell Witch Haunting between 1817 and 1821. My belief is just because it was documented does it really mean it is fact? Just because it was put into an actual book does it really mean the author is saying that it really happened. Where is the proof just as where is the proof that the paranormal really exists. We are all searching for that one bit of proof to prove that there is life after death. I am one who searches and will always be looking for that one bit of evidence. I have done many investigations in my time. Being a medium in the industry gives more of an insight into life after death, communication and why the spirit world exists. Spirits communicate where as ghosts are just residual energy revisiting and replaying a photographic memory in time. I have read many well known and famous people as well as many down to earth normal existing people and I feel we all seem to have that same thing in common, the curiosity and the fascination of the paranormal Industry. I get asked many questions like do spirits and ghosts really exist. How do I know? What are my experiences? How did I get my gift? Is there such a thing as haunting's, possession, ghosts. Being a medium myself it gives me an insight into connecting with the spirit world and seeing the spirit world whilst giving much needed  closure and hopefully a better understanding for people wanting that one bit of confirmation into what we mediums really do. I love to prove that that life exists after death. How do I know that? Well I don't really know how I do it I just see with flashes, full body images or just a black shadow or possibly even a misty form or cold or hot spot. I have to just trust in my ability when seeing the deceased by connecting and giving the most accurate and definite information I am given and also relaying it to give you messages  from your loved ones. So I bring to you a blog with an open discussion that we can discuss and explore the real world of the paranormal and unexplained. 

Blessed Be.