Natalie Anderson



I had a reading from Kellie and I was blown away by her accuracy. There is no way she could possible known the things she told me. I love her life story and love her products. I will be back again. I have finally found a really accurate medium. Thanks Kellie !!

Karen Knightly



I have recently been to Kellie and have been absolutely floored. Wow there is no way she would know my background or even my past. She brought out my family names people who have tragically past, events coming up and also my future down the track. I have found the most accurate medium yet . I will be back for sure.

Jessica Stevenson



I have have been to see Kellie and she just blew me away. The minute I sat down she started just telling me all of this stuff. Brought out my Sister who passed, my mum her name her tragedy. She advised and predicted my children to a tee. What a gift wow!! A true medium. She even described my back tattoo that I had done the day before there is no way she would know that. Crazy Spooky! I will be back for sure.

David Morgenson



My wife dragged me to a reading to get closure. Well I got it that's for sure just turned a skeptic into a believer. Thanks Kellie you are a truly gifted Lady.

Katie Smith


This lady is amazing!!!! Wow, why have I wasted my time on rubbish readings that just want your money and tell you anything just a rip you off. Affordable and honest. Thanks Kellie your gifts are incredible.

Barbara Adamson



I went to one of Kellie's live shows and cannot believe the talent. Kellie only used photos all night and loved how we all received a reading. The show was fun entertaining and so informative. Can't wait until the next show. Thanks Kellie

David Scott

Truck Driver


OMG! So amazing. Kellie does not ask your name, date of birth or anything about you. I so loved that and wasn't disappointed in any way. She helped me with my direction and also guide my daughter in career and also her direction with her future. Thanks Kellie your should be a counsellor and your gifts are truly amazing xx


I had the pleasure of going to one of Kellie's live shows and was blown away at how accurate her photo readings were. I was such a skeptic and there is no way she would of known the names and specifics about my life as i have never met her before. She's the real deal. Can't wait for the next event

Steven Jennings



I was such a skeptic but definately not anymore. I cannot believe the names she brought through even nick names and personal things not even my family know. Conversations, People, Places wow! She must be the most talented medium I have ever been to. Can't wait to see her live shows. Highly recommend. Best ever !!