15 Jul

This is a subject I am passionate about. Psychics, Mediums and Fortune Telling. The differences between all three is Psychic can be natural or learned but at different levels. A psychic might be an empath or have a feel for the spirit world, sense or just have a knowing. Mediums connect with the deceased see or feel. Tarot cards or New Age Cards are fortune telling. Once you have read the book you pretty much can look at the pictures and read the cards. Now this does not mean you are a medium or a psychic in any way, it is more like playing with a board game but in a fun sense. Alas some use it to make money beyond affordability rather than keep it down to earth and logical. This isn't to say that you are not a medium but maybe someone who uses the teacup or the Tarot as a tool to connect if so, well done you are a true medium and on your way to connect with those around you.